Saturday, October 3, 2009

Does maturity yield complicated relationships?

What is the name of our relationship? Why are we so close to each other? What happened to my friend when he had such kind of a relationship with someone else? Analysis! It takes place at every step of a relationship of two matured people. There are more questions than answers. Matured people just can not live without thinking too much.

On the other hand, it’s such a bliss to be ignorant or to be childish as long as relationships are concerned. We are friends, so we are friends. We are a couple, so we are a couple. Who cares to think why we should spend time with each other? Who cares to think why we should go around with each other? I feel like the same, and so I am doing it. Therefore, no questions, man. Let’s have fun and that’s it.

So can we jump into the conclusion that maturity shouldn’t have its space in a relationship? Does maturity make relationships complicated? I can just give one thought to it. During our childhood, we were very happy. We enjoyed everything that came on our way. Now after growing up, we can’t take things as lightly as we were taking earlier. That’s why we can’t even be as lively as we had been earlier. However, asking a question, analyzing each and every trivial happening also kill the fun. But for a better life ahead, we have to think before taking every single step. So can we just conclude the discussion with the thought that a balanced approach to relationships can prevent them from debacles, and we just have to think when we have to behave like a child and when we have to behave like a matured person?

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