Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am a responsible citizen, still I don't vote

Many-a-times, we come across elections where we do not find a suitable candidate to vote for. It is said that voting is our citizen right. Hence, voting for someone is "performing our rights." But, do I have to vote for anyone just to show that I am a responsible citizen?

I will not vote till I find the candidate eligible enough to become an MP, MLA or a council member. This is also my duty. Going for the wrong individual can not be called as "performing my duties for the country".

This is my reaction to an ad campaign called "if you are not voting, you are sleeping". I do have a different opinion. If someone does not know anything about the contestants and does not vote for anyone only because he or she does not want to go and stand in the long queue and prefers to be at home watching television with their spouses, he or she should be considered as an irresponsible citizen or what is called as "sleeping". But if someone has all the background data of the contestants and doesn't find anyone suitable to vote for, hence, doesn't vote for anyone, he or she is not sleeping. They are, actually, more responsible citizens than the people who are voting without knowing anything about the contestants.

I am not encouraging people to boycott votes, but trying to introduce a new concept. The idea is to consider the voting percentage to determine a member on a permanent basis for five years or a member on probation. Can we take a certain percentage, for ex:- below 40%, as a bottom line?

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