Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Tree in My Neighborhood

It's about a tree in my neighborhood in my hometown. It survived three cyclones which have destroyed many parts of the city. However, after the last cyclone, it started losing its life slowly. There was a hollow in the bottom of the tree, where some frogs used to live in. Three years back, when I visited this place, I observed that a plant had started growing in that hollow which was narrow enough to protect it from the animals. However, as the tree was dying, the hope of survival of the plant also wouldn't live for long.

Now, when I am on a tour of the same place, what I found is surprising. The tree is still there as lively as it was, maybe, some 20 years back. But at my first look, i neither found the plant nor the hollow in the tree.

Let me tell you, the plant has now become a tree. It has filled the hollow and grown up around the other tree, holding it tight. Now, I think, both of them together are strong enough to survive many more cyclones in the future.

This wonderful natural incident has given an interesting perspective on life. 'Never hesitate to help those who are in real need. Try to provide them with whatever you can afford to offer. On the other side, never hesitate to take shelter somewhere when you truly need it for survival. However, when you are on your own, never forget to return the favor with your full capacity.'

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