Tuesday, December 23, 2014

PK: Questions of a Neutral Mind

  • If Gandhiji is still relevant in India, it is only as a photograph that too only when appeared on a currency note. For most people, his principles hold no value.
  • Nobody is born with any religion. There is no sign of any religion in our body, which will approve our religion. If God had wanted us to follow any religion, He would have given that sign. 
  • At times, our brain is so occupied by superstition that we don’t realize the truth. Even if we set out to fight the evil and prove it wrong, we lose our faith when the first notion of victory of the opponent strikes our mind.
  • Some people believe they have been chosen to protect their Gods without realizing that they are a very minuscule element of the entire creation and the creator is not so weak to need anyone to protect Him.
  • God doesn’t want us to go to faraway places to pray when we are in pain. It’s always the call of the “wrong number”.

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