Saturday, April 5, 2008

Temple sculptures are no more the mediums of Sex Education

Human beings unlike any other creature in this universe do have sexual encounter in a private place. As human beings are considered to be social animals, sexual encounter in privacy is considered to be a part of social behaviour too. But the problem that arises because of this so-called social action is that the descendents’ exploration process on the subject of sex becomes very slow. That doesn’t mean human beings have to start enjoying sex in open in order to educate their following generations. This is one of the reasons why, in the ancient age, people have crafted the sculptures of sexual images on the temples.

Temple is the most common place one visits. And thus, one could easily observe the images on the temple walls and understand the different poses and also the essentiality of sex in life. This could happen in a process without involving them asking anyone about this most controversial topic or without anyone explaining them making any one or both of them feel embarrassed.

The temple sculptures mostly famous for sexual images in India are Khajuraho and Konark. Both of the temples have been crafted with wonderful piece of art making the visitors spellbound with its everlasting liveliness. Since ages, these two places have been the most favourite destinations for couples on honeymoon.

All this is a year old story. Who is interested, nowadays, in the sculptures on a temple wall? With the advancement of science and technology, one can easily access porn videos or that on the internet or on a mobile phone and have a thorough knowledge of how human beings practice sex.

Then, are the temple sculptures no more the medium of sex education nowadays? Definitely, not. It doesn’t mean the porn videos or porn sites are the adequate mediums.

With the advent of so many sexual conditions like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, sexually transmitted diseases, and so on, merely the whole process of lovemaking can’t be considered as sexual education. It doesn’t mean people in older years weren’t suffering from the above conditions. But as a result of inexpressiveness, these issues weren’t discovered by anyone other than the people who were suffering. The more the society felt the need of communication, the more research took place and so these issues were discovered.

Above all, the pick-point is that sex education is not about discovering one’s sexual organs or various sexual poses, but it is to get aware of different sexual conditions including the earlier. It means the sculptures on the temple walls should no more be considered as the medium of sex education. That is art, simply a piece of art, and that’s all!

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