Friday, February 15, 2008

India is not a synonym of Indian cricket team

Cricket is, no doubt, the most popular game in India. Every time there is an international cricket match, we find a long queue of aspirant audience outside the stadium. People are so much crazy about this game that they even climb up trees to have a glimpse of the on-going match. Eden Garden stadium in Kolkata which has a 1 lakh 30 thousand audience capacity always goes packed for a cricket match, at the same time having only 30 thousand audience capacity, Barvati stadium in Cuttack is thronged by many times bigger audience resulting in a chaos.

The madness of cricket fans crosses its limits sometimes. For instance, some people even die of heart attack when the Indian cricket team loses a neck and neck fight. We have also come across news that some people set the effigies of cricket players who were considered to be responsible for the defeat. At the same time, each and every player who has made a remarkable contribution in winning a match is showered with a lot of love and respect by the entire country.

This much of huge enthusiasm in the people puts a lot of pressure on the players. And naturally, it affects their performance. That’s why it is observed that the team comes out as a loser in the most hyped final matches. For these kinds of defeats, the audience and also the people are equally responsible as the player. Everyone should realize that not everyone can overcome the pressure of satisfying more than one billion fans.

When our team wins a match, there are discussions on every television channel. The same thing happens when the team loses a match much of the airtime is occupied by cricket and cricketers. Unfortunately all the other kinds of sports are getting deprived of the kind of attention they deserve.

When someone asks you whether India won today, don’t ask him the question “in what?” You will just make a fool out of yourself by asking this. Surprising! There are so many sports in which the representatives of this country participate, it may be one of them, and it may also be any kind of bid in which the nation is involved or can also be understood as India’s permanent seat in the security council of the UN. But no, people won’t take a mini second to take Indian Cricket team as ‘India’. For their kind information, India is not a synonym of Indian cricket team. This country has many more issues other than simply talking about a ball and a ball.

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